Ceci Salad (Chickpea Salad)

Serves (About 4) This delicious salad was introduced to me at a time when I was out and about running errands one day and I started to get hungry. I went into a great local market looking for something quick, healthy and filling to eat, but they only had a tiny bit left. I took what was there, which was just enough to hold me over until dinner. To my surprise it was the best thing I had eaten all day and the flavors were so intense that it left me wanting more, or at least have some for later. I've eaten many wonderful things in my day, but when I happen upon something really good to my taste buds I am on a quest to have it again. A few days later I decided to try and re-create that dish and what I ended up with turn out almost spot on! This light and healthy Sicilian chickpea salad is a break from the heavy meat protein meal and is just as satisfying. As a meat eater, sometimes I crave something simpler and healthier to eat and I opt for a more vegetarian diet to give my system a break. This dish has all the satisfaction you're looking for in a protein meal, but without leaving you feeling weighed down. It's also packed with great nutrition! Chickpeas in general are high in protein, fiber, calcium and potassium. They have a moderate carbohydrate intake, however they are considered good carbs and will leave you feeling fuller, longer as if you've eaten meat. So, give your body a break and try this recipe. Hope you enjoy it!
About Chef Paschelle Landers

Anyone can learn the art of culinary. All you need is patience, a love for food and a strong desire to explore and learn this diverse world of cuisine. I have a particular love for Asian cuisine, especially Thai. I also love creating recipe alternatives for a healthier life style, from personal experience. I can talk to you about my best practices that are never short on flavor. Let's cook!!!

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