Chilled Cucumber Dill Soup

It's the height of Summer and gardens and local markets are full of crisp cucumbers. Here is a refreshing chilled soup to take the heat's edge off of any lunch, picnic or dinner. For transport, select a container with a tight-fitting lid that permits easy serving, place upright in your cooler. Or better yet, a thermos will work great for picnics.
About Chef Tony Pisconeri

Hello, my name is Chef Tony Pisconeri, I am a classically trained chef with 30 + years’ experience in creating great cuisine and teaching the methods and techniques of cooking and artistic food preparation. I have a passion for good food and drink, and have spent most of my life exploring food culture from around the world. I have a love for in season foods, locally sourced when possible, and simply preparations to showcase the foods nutrition, quality and freshness. I look forward to sharing my passion for food and cooking with you!

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