Broccoli “rice” Couscous

Great side dish can be eaten cold or hot! Even can add cooked proteins for a quick meal
About Chef Brian Cartenuto

Brian Cartenuto has dedicated his creative energy, professional skills, and what seems to be a lifetime of kitchen experience to his food philosophy, which is one of refined simplicity. Use local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients as often as possible to create unexpected twists on contemporary American cuisine and comfort foods. Chef Brian believes that food has the power to create and invoke memories and that is precisely what he has set out to do. Based in New York City, Chef Brian loves to see what the people around him can do, and is a firm believer in the power of YOU as a home chef. Especially during this time of fear and uncertainty, Brian believes in the power of a home cooked meal to help make everything better, if only for a night. Instagram @bcartenuto

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